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Humic Acid (Liquid - BioComplete Compost-Derived)

Humic Acid (Liquid - BioComplete Compost-Derived)

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Humic acid offers a sustainable and eco-friendly amendment for regenerative farming practices. This organic compound plays a crucial role in improving soil health by enhancing its structure, increasing water retention, and promoting nutrient uptake by plants. Its application in agriculture not only supports the growth of healthier and more resilient crops but also aligns with the principles of organic farming by utilizing renewable resources.

Humic acid can be used as a carbon source when applying different nutrients. It chelates different nutrients together and improves the uptake of nutrients by plants.

We extract humic acid on our farm in Chiang Mai. We produce the compost and we perform lab analysis to meet a F:B ratio before we extract it. This ensures that it is of the highest quality. It produces a dark humic acid that are shelf-stable for many years. It is extracted from organic BioComplete compost that we make on our farm (all items for compost are collected from our farm).

The application rate is 1.5-3.0L/acre or 3% of the solution (if using 1L of solution in a 20L spraying tank then use 30ml of humic acid).

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