Established in 2021, Living Roots was co-founded by Abhi Agarwal & Avika Narula, driven by their passion to assist farmers in transitioning to profitable regenerative agriculture. Their vision propelled the creation of a company dedicated to improving agricultural practices, aiming to benefit both farmers and their land.

We both were raised in Bangkok before going to the US for university. We worked as software engineers in the US for 4-5 years before coming back to Thailand. We wanted to work in agriculture because we realized that access to healthy food was incredibly important to us and we wanted to give more people access to healthy food.

This started our exploration into how nutrient dense food is grown and slowly we started to become more interested in landscape design, soil biology, mycology, market gardening, water systems, and much more. Slowly, we started to think about how to take all of these skills and apply them into designing ecologically sound, edible and profitable landscapes for other people.

Our Mission

At Living Roots, our mission is to grow the number of of profitable regenerative farms in tropical regions. Our goal is to support farmers in adopting biologically enhanced farming practices, building soil health, and maximizing yields sustainably.

Rich Soil, Rich Harvests

We recognize that a thriving farm starts with the soil it's built upon. When we focus on cultivating soil health through biologically active compost and good management practices, we empower our clients to unlock the full potential of their land.
A well-nourished and balanced soil not only promotes robust crop growth but also improves water retention, eliminates the need for chemical inputs, and enhances overall ecosystem resilience.
This holistic approach doesn't just benefit the environment—it significantly impacts the bottom line by leading to higher yields, reduced expenses, and ultimately, enhanced profitability for our valued farmers. We firmly believe that investing in good farming practices, with soil health at the forefront, is the path to a prosperous and sustainable agricultural future.

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