The future of farming is biological. Not chemical.

We are building biological farming infrastructure in SEA. Starting with transitioning 25 million degraded acres of farmland in SEA that grow certain staple crops to biological methods.

There is over 125 million acres of degraded land in SEA. Currently only yielding 20% of its potential. Our solution aims to fix that.

We provide farmers with effective biological inputs, targeted nutrient fertilizers and consultation solutions that are suited to improve farmer yields and improve land efficiency in the face of climate change. We design solutions for each specific crop.

  • Biologically Active Innoculants

    Biology is what separates healthy land from degraded land. Our breakthrough inoculants are able to bring back soil biology into farmlands at scale. Traditional compost is applied at 1-10T/acre, our inoculants are applied at 4kg/acre and are more effective.

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  • Precise nutrients

    Our high performance & effective nutrients give plants the exact macro/micro/trace nutrients it needs to improve photosynthesis and reduce disease. It improves plant health and significantly reduces disease. These nutrients are precisely designed to improve plant health (designed specific to each crop).

  • Support in Transition

    We are available for farmers throughout the process of their transition to regenerative agriculture. We offer services to measure soil biology on their land, analyze nutrient issues on the plants with sap analysis, and more. We stay connected with each farmer & offer support with questions at any time.

Our product is a novel breakthrough in combining biology & nutrients that is rapidly scalable. It has significantly lowered the cost to regenerate land at scale.

What do we provide farmers?

We are a 1:1 replacement for chemical fertilizers. We offer products that match the price (or are lower) per acre than conventional fertilizers. Our Benefits:

30%+ higher yields (and more as land regenerates). Lets put money back into farmers pockets.

At least 30% higher yields for each farmer. The precise nutrients help improve photosynthesis for plants and help improve the growth speed. Biology helps cycle nutrients in the soil that make the plant more resistant to pest & disease.

Together, we are able to grow healthy plants that have high brix, low pest and disease, and low water requirements.

Significant reduction in pests & disease.

As plants have complete nutrients that they need - there is significantly less pest & disease issue. Plants only face disease pressure when they are unhealthy or missing nutrients - similar to humans. There is a lot of formulation of this research available online, and we have been able to replicate this as well with our inputs.

We bring native biology back to the land - microbes local to each farmer's bioregion. Not imported.

Our solutions bring fungal life back into soils. We target native strains of soil fungi that are indigenous to the land. We create microbial inoculants that are cultivated in the same bioregion as the farmers will apply them in.

For example, in Chiang Mai, we cultivate soil biology for customers in the north of Thailand. For planting cassava in Khao Yai, we have cultivated soil fungi for that region.

This is a core differentiating factor as we build microbes that are indigenous to that region. In face of climate change, they will survive the best in those conditions.

We take soils from forests in the local area that are healthy and alive to inoculate our piles. This brings a very high diversity. We are aiming for 1,000s of species of each kind of microorganism for each pile.

Remove guesswork from agricultures. No wasted $ by farmers.

We remove guesswork from agriculture: precisely measuring all microbes and nutrients in our lab & through testing. No $ is spent by the farmers for no reason. There is no mass application of nutrients. It is precise.

We test all of our compost to have minimum quantities of biology. All of the nutrients are made to be plant available immediately.

Sequesters Up to 5 Tons of Carbon per Acre! (over multiple years).

Each increase in 1% organic matter on one acre sequesters 5T of carbon. With our solutions, we can rapidly re-build soil organic matter. 25 million acres x 5T is a lot! We want as many farmers to benefit from this as possible.

Adding soil fungi back to the soil means that they are able to use the roots of plants, waste materials, and more to add OM back to the land.

Plants becomes more flood and drought resistant.

Soils with higher organic matter are able to go through more prolonged droughts and floods. This is good for climate change as droughts and floods might happen in the same year.

1% improvement in soil organic matter per acre increases water holding capacity by 70,000+ liters. Soil microorganisms bind and create labile and stable soil organic matter.

Fully made from domestic waste materials.

All of our nutrients are made from industrial waste! We don't import anything to use in our nutrient inputs. We use items that most people would throw away to extract nutrients from.

Our nutrients are made from aerobic bacteria, ferments, anaerobic conditions, and so much more! We use a lot of techniques to extract and store nutrients that are soluble for plants. They all come from waste!

We use over a 100 different waste products to make our inputs.

In the same format farmers know!

We offer our products in liquids & powders. What farmers already use! We are able to ship them bottles of nutrients and microbial inoculants in powders. Same methods as conventional fertilizers.

There might be some new products they are not used to - for example live microbes. They are made into liquid compost extracts that need to be used within 1-3 hours, but they are very low cost for the farmer to utilize. We're still experimenting on how to simplify this :)

Our favorite: No need for pesticide/herbicide/fungicide/insecticide!

When the plant has the full nutrients it needs and the biology is cycling nutrients for the plant as well, the plant does not have many pest & disease issues!

Think about it similar to a person: when a person has healthy immunity - people don't just get sick that often. With conventional fertilizers, we are blanket applying nutrients to plants, and killing biology.

With our approach you don't need to kill disease fungi, kill weeds, kill pests.

We aim to work with large staple crop growers. We are running trials on our farm in Thailand.

Email us if you are interested in trials - We are scaling to more farmers by mid-2025.

Let's make regenerative agriculture available to every farmer in South East Asia! It only takes a 70 acre facility to make enough biological inoculants for 10 million acres.